Our Adorable (and Helpful) AI Assistant Kodi

The next step is simple. Create an account and be greeted by Kodi, our loyal and dedicated AI Assistant. Kodi will begin by walking the user through the virtual journey and explaining the basics of Noveo. Remember that questionnaire you filled out while creating your account? <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Kodi will explain how earning opportunities can be gained as you unlock more training and skills and discover areas of opportunity specially tailored for you</span>. You’ll be surprised at how in-depth Kodi will go as it reveals opportunities that users may not even be aware of. Need help with selecting different salary ranges and finding the most lucrative jobs? Kodi has you covered. Want to learn more about our incentive cryptocurrency program for users, partners, and hiring companies to offset the cost of training and recruitment? Again, Kodi is more than happy to help you out.

Looking to start a Side Hustle? No worries, Kodi is here to help everyone. Kodi will walk users through the requirements & skills needed to open new areas of opportunity.

At Noveo everything is personalized. Based on the user’s interests and assessment, Kodi will begin to make recommendations for the most lucrative career opportunities. Additionally, Noveo is proud to offer a variety of services for Side Hustlers too. Noveo will leverage a cryptocurrency as an incentive for users to offset the cost of training and services. Users can start earning revenue before their side hustle is completely established.

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